1. The impact of international sanctions against the Russian Federation on economies of the UE member states
  2. Social and economic effects of the influx of refugees from Ukraine into Poland and Europe
  3. Challenges to public health in the new geopolitical reality
  4. Attitudes of societies, Churches, national and international institutions towards Russia’s aggression against Ukraine
  5. Challenges to sustainable lifestyles after February 24, 2022
  6. Food economy in the new geopolitical reality
  7. Eating habits and lifestyles
  8. Quality of life of people with disabilities
  9. Development of social and technological innovations
  10. Demographic, social, and economic changes in Poland based on population censuses

The suggested topics do not cover all issues regarding economic, social, and health challenges after February 24, 2022. The Organizers are open to any topics which can enrich discussion on the relationship between health and lifestyles in the new geopolitical reality.