1. Economic and social problems of developed and developing countries
  2. Challenges of the sustainable development in Poland and in the world
  3. Sustainable lifestyle: regional and global approach
  4. Challenges of environmental protection policy
  5. Migration of people and lifestyles
  6. Labour market and health and lifestyles
  7. Cultural, religious, and legal aspects of the human lifestyle
  8. The quality of life of people with disabilities
  9. Food and nutrition problems in the contemporary world
  10. Buying behaviour of consumers at the food market
  11. Challenges of health economics in the contemporary world
  12. Development of medical and pharmaceutical services
  13. Social and technological innovations on the promotion of the healthy lifestyle

The suggested topics do not cover all issues relating to economic, social, and health challenges in regional and global perspective. The Organisers are open to any topics which can enrich discussion on the relationship between health and lifestyles in the contemporary world.